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Gap Filler-Paintable Acrylic Sealant
KNGSEAL Acrylic Sealant   is a water based general-purpose, flexible sealant that is used for caulking, grouting, jointing and embedding in building construction. It is easy to apply and is compatible with most materials used in construction e.g. concrete, wood, brick, natural and
artificial stone, glass, metal and sanitary-ware.
KNGSEAL Acrylic Sealant resists cracking and gives a smooth finish and is suitable for interior and exterior use. It can be used as a general purpose sealant suitable for most joints where small movement accommodation is expected, as a flexible crack filler before painting jobs or for sealing construction frame works e.g. window frames, door frames, floorboards,ceilings and roofs. Also used as an adhesive and filler to embed cornices
Flexible crack filler
Embedding cornices
Sealing between door / window frames and walls
Holding down roof sheets
KNGSEAL Acrylic Sealant exhibits good primerless adhesion to concrete, plaster, brick,stone, masonry, glass, aluminum, glazed tiles, metals, painted surfaces, coated or uncoated wood
and some plastics. If there is any uncertainty regarding the application, adhesion tests should be carried out.
Over paintable in one hour – ideal for quick repairs
Flexible - crack resistant
Good adhesion to a variety of substrates
Provides a smooth finish – no need for sanding
Non slump – can be applied to vertical surfaces
Gap-filling – ideal for filling cracks
Water based, low odour and non toxic – safe to use
Resistant to UV radiation and moisture – long life durability, suitable for exterio applications
Cured caulk resists rust & mildew
Directions for  use:
Ensure that surfaces are prepared as above
Cut tip off cartridge and screw the nozzle onto the cartridge. Cut the tip of nozzle at an angle to achieve the desired bead size. Apply sealant with a caulking gun in a continuous bead to them prepared joint.
Use masking tape to get a clean, even sealant line and to eliminate cleaning difficulties on porous surfaces. Be sure to remove the tape before sealant begins to skin
Smooth down after application (within 20 minutes) before skin formation occurs, by using a flat or rounded tool, or even a finger, dipped in soapy water
Leave for at least one hour before painting

Surface preparation:
The surface coming into direct contact with the KNGSEAL CRYLIC SEALANT must be clean, dry and free from all loose materials, dust, dirt, oil, rust and any other contaminants. Non-porous substrates such as metals, glass and plastics should be degreased with a solvent. Plastics can be lightly abraded with emery paper. Poor surface preparation may result in the delami-nation of the sealant. Gaps exceeding 5mm should be half-filled with backing material before application.
Remove excess acrylic sealant and clean tools immediately after application, using soapy water.
Cured acrylic sealant can be removed mechanically i.e. with a sharp knife
KNGSEAL ACRYLIC SEALANT has a shelf life of at least one year if stored in a cool (below 25°C), dry lace in its original  moisture-tight container. If the material is kept beyond the recommended shelf life, it is not necessarily unusable, but a check should be performed to observe whether the product is still workable, appliable and uncured. To maximize the shelf life of the opened cartridge, it would be advisable to create an airtight environment. This can be achieved by removing the nozzle and wiping down the opening, placing a piece of plastic over it, and finally screwing the nozzle back on.
Store in a cool environment


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